Simon Mack is a widely exhibited UK digital artist who since 2000 has exhibited in London, Berlin, Melbourne,  Istanbul, Beirut Russia, USA and beyond into the digital realm , online and with many artists across the globe in several projects.

i create digital art, experimental soundtrack music , conceptual photography , video and new media channel owner

in 2017 i continue to have several ongoing art + music projects ongoing with various works for sale and commissions considered :

  • project curator and exhibiting artist in the international VIEW 4 photo project
  • music producer as [a:ntenna >  remix and collaborations incl.BBC Radio commissions
  • owner of TheSmack77 arts channels >  youtube, tumblr,facebook
  • digital artist : present works “GLitch/Icons” , “the Garden of Eden”, the Debussy Project, TheSmack77 channel,
  • curator / artist of international video art project :NORM/NO-madic Lives 2011-2013 : UK, Australia,Lebanon + VIEW 4 photography project : Nigeria,UK, Australia,Russia